This project is graciously hosted at Tools (OOo Tools) is a GUI-based Java program that complements OpenOffice. The tools include a Word Processor file properties viewer, a modified word counter, and a bibliography converter.

The file properties viewer will read, display, and search the properties (title, subject, keywords, and comments) of all OpenOffice Word Processor documents in a directory. The view can be customized and auto-loaded on program start-up. The benefit is for users who document a brief description of the document contents in that document's properties, and at a later time, quickly find a particular document of interest.

The word counter counts words bounded by spaces. This is different from the word count provided by OpenOffice, which counts hyphenated words as more than one word. Example: "tab-delimted" would be counted as two words by OpenOffice, but one word by this word counter. Some scientific journals use the space-bounded method for word counting.

The bibliography converter will import bibliographic information from BibTeX and OpenOffice files and export to a database format supported by OpenOffice to be used as a bibliography database by OpenOffice.

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